Our X-Ray machine allows us to take radiographs of your pet quickly and efficiently. Radiographs (X-Ray images) are very useful for diagnosing medical problems. If your veterinarian feels a lump in your pet’s abdomen, an x-ray can often pinpoint the organ where the lump is occurring. Radiographs are fundamental in the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. Multiple individual views may be required to define the problem. Your pet will have to remain absolutely still while being x-rayed. This is different than working with humans who can understand the requirement to be still. Sometimes we must sedate an animal to ensure that the x-ray will be accurate. When complete muscle relaxation is required or when the pet is uncomfortable, a short-acting general anaesthetic may be needed. Our staff are fully trained on the risks of and prevention against exposure to x-rays. Because of this risk owners cannot be permitted in the x-ray room when radiographs are being taken.

We offer OFA hip and elbow dysplasia certification for breeding purposes and we are trained, equipped and certified to offer PennHIP certification for hip dysplasia in dogs.