Canine Rehabilitation

For many pets, the discomfort from a surgical procedure or injury unfortunately does not go away quickly and as a result they live in a great deal of pain and discomfort.
We are now able to offer the use of various rehabilitation techniques to help our patients recover from injury or surgery, increase mobility and improve flexibility.
Therapeutic laser treatments are now available to our patients. The laser helps increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain to injured bones, muscles and tendons, including arthritic joints. The treatment is painless and many pets find it relaxing.

Some of the conditions we can treat:

Orthopedic Disorders
Hip and Elbow dysplasia
Cruciate ligament injury
Muscle strains
Ligament and Tendon injuries
Neurological Disorders
Inter-vertebral disc disease
Degenerative nerve problems, injuries
Improvements of Athletic Performance

Benefits of Rehabilitation
enhances performance
decrease pain
increase the rate of recovery from surgery
improves mobility for older dogs
increases range of motion of joints
helps with weight management
increase muscle mass and strength
improves quality of life

Services we offer
Gait analysis and lameness assessment, Treadmill, Therapeutic exercises, Therapeutic laser, Heat and Cold therapy,
Home mobility aids